We met Trisha walking on the street in front of our house. She looked good in her tight shorts and top. We eventually got her back to the pimp pad and whipped it out on her. She couldn't get her hands around our piped and screamed when she got fucked deep!
Holly was a smoking hot piece of ass coming to us from all the way over in England. We asked her what was the biggest cock she had ever seen before. It wasn't much, so we whipped out the dark meat and this bitch shoved it down her throat as fast as she could.
Kayla was in the hood, wasting time in the street coughing up all sorts of crap. We invited her to come back to our crib... for some Twenty Four Inches of Pain Therapy. Funny how taking this big black cock down her throat cleared that cough right up.
Desire found herself in the hood - she got off on the wrong bus stop and was wandering around aimlessly. We offered her the bullshit line of the "woman's thoughts on sexuality" back at my apartment. She bought it, then she got fucked.
We were out looking for some hot pussy but the prospects were not looking too good yo. Then out of nowhere comes this little spinner. We asked if she was down and right away she says yes, couldn't have more easy.

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